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🎄Hi folks. This is the last issue of the year. However, you should find something useful in the issue, such as detailed guide on Log4J, how to guide on performance testing with JMeter and many more. Beyond that, have a happy new year and we'll see you back on Friday, January 14. Thanks for all of your support this year!

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📚 Articles, Tutorials, and Opinions

A Detailed Guide on Log4J Penetration Testing — In this article, we are going to discuss and demonstrate in our lab setup, the exploitation of the new vulnerability identified as CVE-2021-44228 affecting the java logging package, Log4J. This vulnerability has a severity score of 10.0, most critical designation and offers remote code execution on hosts engaging with software that uses log4j utility. This attack has also been called “Log4Shell”.

Raj Chandel

Performance Testing with JMeter — In this article, I will demonstrate how to perform a simple load test hitting an HTTP endpoint with lots of requests concurrently to simulate a large user base all using the service at the same time. Benedict Quinn

Automating a website from Chrome DevTools — In this tutorial, we are going to create a simple code snippet to automate tasks on a webpage without the need for any external tools or frameworks.

Kayode Oluwasegun

Performance testing with k6 — I started looking into API performance testing again recently. As part of delivering an API to production, performance testing is crucial to see how your API performs under load ( more on that shortly).

Shane Lee

Why Should Software Testers Understand Unit Testing? — Learn why unit testing isn’t only for developers, the importance of unit testing to software testers and quality engineers, and how you can improve your skills by building better unit tests.

Jess Ingrassellino

Creating and testing gRPC server interceptors in Ruby — Let’s see how we can build an interceptor in Ruby and how we can test it, too.

Ilija Eftimov

Helping Developers and Testers Get Along — It's not unusual to see bickering between development and QA. Here are some tips to have both teams do their best work without constant arguing.

Dennis Martinez

Performant A/B Testing with Cloudflare Workers — Performant A/B testing has sort of been the white whale of the web performance industry for a number of years now.

Philip Walton

Android Code Coverage on Firebase Test Lab (Part 2: Advanced Topics) — This continuing series of articles will explain how to generate a code coverage report for Android instrumentation tests running on Firebase Test Lab. Aidan Low

Adding End to End Cypress to a Web Project Part 3 — This post will cover the basics of getting Cypress installed and ready to go, writing a placeholder test, and resetting the test database between tests.

Lydia Cupery

Using context.Context to mock API clients — We've found a pattern to mock external client libraries while keeping code simple, reducing the number of injection spots and ensuring all the code down a callstack uses the same mock client.

Lawrence Jones

Save The Page On Test Failure — How to save the full HTML page using the cyclope plugin when a Cypress test fails.

Gleb Bahmutov

Another Testing Oriented Model — The third edition of OmniTestingConf happened last month. This edition was themed around the Native Quality Management idea, and several speakers brought their insights about ways of improving quality together and having it as ongoing concern of all team members.

Sergio Freire


💻 Jobs

Quality Assurance Automation Engineer (US Remote)

As a Quality Assurance Automation Engineer on this team, you will be responsible for assessing and advocating high quality across an increasing amount of customized user experiences while maximizing the engineering velocity of deployed changes. Along with UX, Product, and software developers, you are a subject matter expert on everything we test and build.


Post your job with us.


🛠 Code, Tools and Resources

Sorry-cypress — Cypress tests dashboard that unlocks unlimited parallelization, test recordings.

Sorry Cypress

Core Web Vitals Checker — Check critical site speed and website quality metrics in one click.


React Native Test App — Provides a test app for all supported platforms as a package.


react-performance-testing — A library to test runtime performance in React.

Keiya Sasaki


🎬 Videos

Automated visual testing for Netlify sites with Percy — In this webinar, we discuss how to automate Visual Testing for your Netlify websites and have the confidence to make code changes fearlessly. Watch now to understand how you can get started with visual testing in less than 5 minutes and accompanied by a Percy demo. YouTube


🎧 Podcast

The Past, Present and Future of Browser Testing — In this podcast episode, I welcome David Burns, Head of OSPO at BrowserStack, Chair person for the W3C Browser Testing and Tools Working Group, core contributor on the Selenium Open Source Project. We talk about the past, present and future of browser testing, how to eradicate flaky tests and why it’s important to invest more effort into testing pyramid from the very beginning. Darko Fabijan and David Burns


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