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Welcome to this week's new issue of Test Automation Weekly. A lot happened this week, so here's your chance to get caught up. Read on for the week's most popular articles, news, tweets, and tools. Want something mentioned? Tweet us at @testingdigest. Happy reading!

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📚 Articles, Tutorials, and Opinions

Test Automation Policy in Merpay Frontend — In this article, I would like to look back and summarize the policy and overall picture of test automation.

Yutaro Tanaka

Getting started with testing Jetpack Compose — This is a step-by-step article with hands-on tips to help you learn how to test Android Jetpack Compose Layout.

Moataz Nabil

10 tips for successful e2e web app test automation — Useful tips on writing automated tests that everyone should know.

Alister Scott

Improve your development process with collaboration — Team collaboration is very important, so a good approach is when the Designer, Developer, and QA (and any other team members) can work together from the very start. But will they all have something to do?

Kacper, Aleksander, and Anna

Property-Based Testing In Go — Have you ever wanted your unit tests written for you? Property based testing is a powerful testing technique that, in a sense, is just that. You describe the properties you’d like to test, and the specific cases are generated for you.

Adam Gordon Bell

Using Artillery to Load Test GraphQL APIs — Learn how to use Artillery load testing to detect performance issues in your GraphQL APIs before they become a bigger problem. Dennis Martinez

Add Code Coverage to Your Cypress Tests — Today, I am going to be talking specifically about how to implement code coverage for an Angular project that was generated from the Angular CLI. Justin James

How SQLite Is Tested — The reliability and robustness of SQLite is achieved in part by thorough and careful testing.


React Testing Library Recipes — Common testing patterns for creating confidence in your UI tests.

Rupert McKay

Why We Quit Unit Testing Classes to Focus On a Behavioral Approach — In this post, I will cover our reasoning behind this choice, as well as our alternative approach, based on the following main issues with class-level testing.

Jonas Tulstrup

Test Your Product on a Crappy Laptop — Craptops are cheap devices with lower power internals. They oftentimes come with all sorts of third-party apps preinstalled as a way to offset its cost—apps like virus scanners that are resource-intensive and difficult to remove.

Eric Bailey

Common Misconceptions About Exploratory Testing — In general, we use exploratory testing to gain insight into the system, to get more information and to learn more about the application we are exploring.

Mirza Sisic

Selenide – concise UI Test in Java — Selenide is a framework for test automation powered by Selenium Webdriver. Everyone can prepare their own skeleton for writing automated test scripts using Selenide and it will be faster than preparing the same skeleton with Selenium. It comes with powerful selectors, easy configuration, concise fluent API for tests, Ajax support for stable tests.


Test asynchronous code — One of the advantages of the introduction of async await in Swift 5.5 is the ability to test asynchronous code in a clear and concise way, and even if we’re not ready to introduce async await in our code base, we can at least start adopting it in our tests.

Gualtiero Frigerio

Introduction to Work Sample Tests — Today, I’m starting a new series on another critical factor in effective hiring: using work sample tests, aka practical exercises.

Jacob Kaplan-Moss

5 Mundane Java Performance Tips — Most of the time it isn’t really necessary to optimise software, but this post contains 5 tips to avoid making software written in Java slower for the sake of it.

Richard Startin

Cypress basics: Variables — There are a couple of more examples that can help you with storing variables in Cypress.

Filip Hric


💻 Jobs

Senior QA Automation iOS/Android (Remote)

As an STE, you partner with content editors and streaming operations to ensure content is operational for new channel launches. Troubleshooting is an understatement; it's more like trouble forecasting. The STE will also act as a representative of the Software Test Engineering Team in scrum meetings and provide input on how to provide better quality coverage for the applications supported.

US Streaming Platform

Post your job with us.


🛠 Code, Tools and Resources

Peeky — Test framework for curious minds.

Guillaume Chau

Web-ext — A command line tool to help build, run, and test web extensions.


pdfcpu — A PDF processor written in Go.


Lazygit — Simple terminal UI for git commands.

Jesse Duffield

pgFormatter — Online version of pgFormatter a PostgreSQL SQL syntax beautifier.

Gilles Darold

slashbase — The open-source collaborative IDE for your databases in your browser.



🎧 Podcast

All about test automation: best practices — In this podcast episode, we talked to Applitools’ Angie Jones about all things related to test automation: tools, best practices, how to reach a higher level of DevTestOps, what role AI will play in software testing, and a lot more. Angie Jones

An Automation Journey — Discover how a test tool vendor tests their tool(s), the automation jobs skills that are currently in demand, RPA, AI/ML, predictions for the future of automation, and how useMango can help you. Joe Colantonio, James Johnson and Nalin Parbhu


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