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Welcome to this week's new issue of Test Automation Weekly. In this week's issue we have news, articles, tools update, and more. Want something mentioned? Tweet us at @testingdigest. Happy reading!

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📚 Articles, Tutorials, and Opinions

How to Use Puppeteer to Automate Chrome in an API with Netlify Serverless Functions — Automation typically includes purely code-based tasks that don’t even think about a browser, but some tasks need to interact and use the browser as a human would like performing a search on a site. How can we leverage tools that can automate the browser and pack it into a serverless API endpoint to make easily accessible?

Colby Fayock

Shifting Accessibility Testing to the Left — 15% of the world’s population live with a form of disability. That’s equivalent to about one billion people. As we now live in a digital era where everything can be accessed online, we need to make sure that the features we provide are accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities.

Marie Drake

End-to-End Tests With ASP.NET Core, XUnit, and Playwright — In general, the test suite is fine, but it does have its limits, mainly that responses are the literal payloads and not executed within the context of browser session. In this post, we’ll see how we can use the Playwright library in combination with XUnit to test our web applications as users might.

Khalid Abuhakmeh

How to Perform Load Testing with k6 using Google Cloud Build — In this tutorial, we will look into how to integrate performance testing in your development process with Google Cloud Build and k6.

Michael Wanyoike

How To Verify Phone Number During Tests Part 1 — Let's take a look at a typical web application that makes the users sign up using a phone number. We want to verify the user via a phone number to avoid bots and spam accounts. We can ask for the user's phone number during the sign up, send an SMS code, and then the user should enter that code. If the code matches the one we have sent, the phone has been verified.

Gleb Bahmutov

How To Verify Phone Number During Tests Part 2 — Let's continue looking at a web application that makes the users sign up using a phone number. We have covered the test phone prefix in the previous blog post Part 1. In this blog post, I intend to show how the test runner can directly access the MySQL database to look up the user's record, rather than relying on the application's API to expose it.

Gleb Bahmutov

5 Common Mistakes Teams Make During CI/CD Implementation — If you work in an agile environment, chances are you have heard the terms continuous testing and DevOps. Over the years, teams have realized the importance of finding defects earlier, and they have shifted testing left to ensure it begins right from the start of the development process and continues throughout the different phases of the delivery pipeline.

Raj Subrameyer

XPATHs Best Practices — If you are an automation engineer, you have heard the word XPath many times in your life. No wonder. XPath is a vast topic and I am still discovering great things

Sajitha Pathirana

How to run Playwright codegen in a devcontainer — This is the article that provides the solution to 'Unable to open X display'.

Jon Gallan

Go Fiber by Examples: Testing the application — Vic shares "Today I'm going to share with you another chapter from my canceled book Easy Development with GoFiber (I talked about it in the first article of this series). Actually, this chapter was supposed to be in the practical part of the book (the article series), but I purposely pulled it out as the third chapter.". Vic Shóstak

Testing Websites with Selenium — Selenium facilitates running automated E2E tests as if you were a user accessing the website using the any browser with a supported WebDriver. This enables you to test things not normally available to unit and integration tests such as cross browser support. Curtis Carter

Tips For Effective Go Tests — Skipping tests is common practice, especially in startups that sacrifice testing in favor of rapid development. We all know that this is not a best practice, but yet we still do it. A great solution incorporating testing in a fast-paced SDLC is to embed testing in the lifecycle. I’ll explain the benefits of this approach and provide some practical tips.

Moshe Beladev

10 Fun Things You Can Do With — In this article, you can find tips on how to customize and create entirely new GitHub-native workflows which provide you with a significant productivity boost for reading, editing, and sharing code on GitHub.

Jonathan Carter

Development And Testing For Low Latency DASH Support — As one of the largest providers in the world of content delivery and application performance solutions, Lumen® has prioritized support for low latency live streaming to meet the demand for sub-5 second “glass to glass” latency times.

Lumen CDN


💻 Jobs

Senior QA Engineer (Amsterdam)

We are looking for a Senior Quality Assurance Engineer. As a part of the squad, you will play a key role in the B2C department in establishing the quality standards for B2C applications . This position requires a high degree of expertise in integration testing, user interface testing, api testing, and database testing.


Post your job with us.


🛠 Code, Tools and Resources

Pest: Parallel Testing Is Now Available — we are excited to announce that, as of today, there is a way to do exactly that! Pest now integrates with Paratest to provide this functionality in a completely seamless way!


Bashly — is a command line application (written in Ruby) that lets you generate feature-rich bash command line tools.

Danny Ben Shitrit

Oktest — is a new-style testing library for Python, Ruby, JavaScript, Perl.


What's New In DevTools (Chrome 94) — Chrome DevTools now supports more than 80 languages, allowing you to work in your preferred language!

Jecelyn Yeen

CutEr— a concolic testing tool for the Erlang functional programming language. CutEr

nailgun— is a DNS performance testing client written in Rust using trust-dns-proto and tokio. Open to PRs, issues, comments! Evan Cameron


🎬 Video

Test as Text - Local Test Management in IntelliJ IDEA — A brief overview of the "Test as Text" approach in IntelliJ IDEA. This approach involves storing test cases in a simple textual format, preferably in the version control system and next to the code of the project. Doing this allows us to manage test scenarios right from our IDE, keep them synced with the automated tests, see the change history, and develop test scenarios along with new features.



🎧 Podcast

Testcontainers: Making Sense of the Software Testing Landscape — In this episode, Sergei Egorov will explain how to handle tricky integration testing scenarios. Learn about TestContainers, a cool way to create throwaway instances of common databases, Selenium web browsers, or anything else that can run in a Docker container. This will help you test everything from databases to APIs to other microservices in ways you might not have thought possible—at least not quickly.

Joe Colantonio and Sergei Egorov


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