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Welcome to this week's new issue of Test Automation Weekly. A lot happened this week, so here's your chance to get caught up. Read on for the week's most popular articles, news, tweets, and tools. Want something mentioned? Tweet us at @testingdigest. Happy reading!

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📚 Articles, Tutorials, and Opinions

Lastmile CLI: Simulate all the things by Lyft — This article is a history of how we have thought about testing golden path flows that interact with hardware and how we found an approach we are really happy with.

Remco van Bree and Alex Hartwell

Hunt The Bugs With Mutation Testing — In that article, you will learn what is mutation testing and how to use it with Pitest. Then, I will share my journey of bug detection on a real project.

Julien Maring

Developer's Guide to Regression Testing — This is a guide for developers who want to learn how to effectively build and maintain automated regression tests for web applications.


Skip Cypress Install On CI — How to add Cypress to an existing large project without slowing down the continuous integration step. Gleb Bahmutov

Wisebits Story: Merging manual and automated testing into one place — Alexander Abramov, the QA engineer at Wisebits, an international IT company and industry trendsetter, tells the story of how they went from half-manual chaotic testing to fully automated, organized multi-platform and multi-device testing. Alexander Abramov

Programming is the Foundation for Automation — If you’re interested in automation, then consider programming as a prerequisite.

Rex Jones II

How Long Does It Take to Learn Python? — You’ve probably found at least one blog post where the author reveals that they learned Python in a handful of days and quickly transitioned into a high-paying job. Some of these stories may be true, but they don’t help you prepare for a steady learning marathon. So, how long does it really take to learn Python, and is it worth your time investment?

Martin Breuss

E2E Testing Azure Functions within GitHub Actions — Throughout this post, I'm going to discuss how to run a function app locally within the build pipeline then run the integration testing scenarios instead of running the E2E testing after the app deployment.

Justin Yoo

Getting Your Mobile App Testing Strategy Right The First Time — In this blog, we will talk about things that matter when mobile app testing is done. For example, why do some apps show more trust but some don’t even after passing through the same testing phases? What is that subtle difference that can make all the difference? What can we do to make “testing” right?

Harish Rajora

Building an IoT Product — Continuous Battery Lifetime Testing — This story points out the learnings we gathered from building battery powered IoT consumer products over a multiple year timeframe from the perspective of engineers working on firmware and the related CI/CD processes.

Matthias Boesl

Hilt Testing Best Practices — This is the next MAD Skills article on Hilt! This time we’ll be focusing on how to write tests with Hilt and some of the best practices to be aware of.

Eric Chang

Why I hate testing my own code, and NymphCast Beta things — There appears to be a trend in the world of software development where it is assumed that QA departments are an unnecessary expense, and that developers are perfectly capable of testing their own code, as well as that of their colleagues. Maya Posch

UI call coverage release for dynamic security testing — This summer, the Ostorlab team has been bustling at work and we are excited to initiate a series of announcements of various new capabilities and features in the upcoming weeks. First of which is the release of the UI call coverage and a new enhanced version of our Monkey Tester. Amine Mesbahi


💻 Jobs

Software Quality Engineer (Austin, TX)

In this position, you will be part of one or more software development teams (pods) and will be responsible for identifying what to test, how to test, when to test, and test. The challenges you will be faced with will be complex in nature, require intricate knowledge of the product functionality, significant exposure to the code base, and solid knowledge in Quality Engineering concepts, strategies, and tools.

Guideline, Inc.

Post your job with us.


🛠 Code, Tools and Resources

Kubescape — is the first tool for testing if Kubernetes is deployed securely as defined in Kubernetes Hardening Guidance by to NSA and CISA.


What’s New With DevTools: Cross-Browser Edition — learn what’s new with developer tools in Firefox, Edge, Chrome and Safari. Discover new and powerful features that will help you be more comfortable and productive when testing and debugging across browsers.

Patrick Brosset

Mutant — automated code reviews via mutation testing - semantic code coverage.

Markus Schirp

Making Numpy Accessible: Guidelines and Tools — this blog post is the first in a series of three, as accessibility is a big topic. Additionally, a note on terminology- the terms ‘users with a disability’ and ‘disabled user’ are used interchangeably, and some people may prefer one term over the other.

Mars Lee

Common NPM Mistakes — in this article, I will discuss seven common mistakes you should avoid when using NPM.

Bhagya Vithana

GithubWebhook — ruby gem processing GitHub Webhooks.

Sébastien Saunier


🎬 Videos

Hilt testing best practices — this is a video format of the Hilt Testing Best Practices article.


Guarding the Guardians | Mutation Testing — Introduction to Mutation Testing, Values and Challenges, Demo and Setup - PITest, Mutation Test Report Analysis, Improving mutation score with test refactoring.



🎧 Podcast

Software Testing and Observability — Observability has been a topic I’ve heard more and more about the past few years. But what is it really, and how does it apply to testing? In this episode, Abby Bangser, a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) at Duffel, breaks it down for you. Discover what observability & telemetry is, how to use observability in debugging, how observability is different from monitoring, and much more.

Joe Colantonio and Abby Bangser

Episode 474: Paul Butcher on Fuzz testing — Host Philip Winston spoke with Butcher about positive and negative testing, how fuzz testing fits into the life-cycle of software development, brute-force and blunt-force fuzz testing, the popular open-source American Fuzzy Lop fuzzer from Google, and how fuzz testing works particularly well with the Ada programming language.

Philip Winston and Paul Butcher


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