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Hello and welcome to another issue of Test Automation Weekly. Today we have news, articles, tools update, and more. Want something mentioned? Tweet us at @testingdigest. Happy reading!

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📚 Articles, Tutorials, and Opinions

Web Scraping with JavaScript and Node.js — Javascript and web scraping are both on the rise. We will combine them to build a simple scraper and crawler from scratch using Javascript in Node.js. Avoiding blocks is an essential part of website scraping, so we will also add some features to help in that regard. And finally, parallelize the tasks to go faster thanks to Node's event loop.

Ander Rodríguez

Writing unit tests for Lambda functions in Python — This post shares what I've learned about writing unit tests for Lambda functions. I'll explain what unit tests are and why they can help you write and make changes to your function code quickly.

Emily Shea

Debunking The Top 8 Selenium Testing Myths — When it comes to web automation testing, the first automation testing framework that comes to mind undoubtedly has to be the Selenium framework. Selenium automation testing has picked up a significant pace since the creation of the framework way back in 2004.

Gunjan Kaushik

How to Perform Load Testing with k6 using AWS CodeBuild Platform — In this tutorial, we will look into how to integrate performance testing in your development process with AWS CodeBuild and k6. k6

How we built better automated UI testing — At Vimeo, we wanted to enable automated UI testing and roll it out across teams. The idea here is that different teams need automated UI testing in slightly different ways, yet everyone ought to be using the same overall framework. So we wanted to split the work between types of engineers, where application engineers write the tests and scenarios, and automation engineers maintain the core framework. Andrew Katsikas

Test WebSocket APIs With Postman — In this article, we'll create an application with WebSocket and test it using Postman.


Quality Leadership: Influence through Informal Leadership — There are many lenses through which we can consider leadership challenges in an organization. Two possible lenses are the roles that formal and informal leaders can play. Jess Ingrassellino

Test Cases in Rust are simple to write — Rust has been the most loved programming language for the last five years in a row. Rust is a low-level statically-typed multi-paradigm programming language that’s focused on safety and performance.

Aman Verma

Quick Testing Tips: Self-Contained Tests — Whenever I read a test method I want to understand it without having to jump around in the test class (or worse, in dependencies). If I want to know more, I should be able to "click" on one of the method calls and find out more. I'll explain later why I want this, but first I'll show you how to get to this point.

Matthias Noback

Logging in Python like a PRO — Most people don't know what to log, so they decide to log anything thinking it might be better than nothing, and end up creating just noise. My goal here is to clarify what good logging is, and how you should implement it. I'll try to give meaningful examples, and provide you a flexible rule of thumb that should be used when logging for ANY application you're ever going to build.

Guilherme Latrova

Testing Hybrid Jetpack Compose Apps — We’re developing a hybrid Jetpack Compose application. It’s comprised of one Activity and several Fragments. Each fragment includes a ComposeView directly as the entire screen is built with Compose. But how do we write tests for this?

Annyce Davis

What To Consider When Doing Visual Testing — If you are working on a front end application whether it’s website or mobile, visual testing is a great one to add in your testing strategy. Apart from choosing the visual tool, there are so many things to consider when doing visual testing and in this post, I will share some tips that I have found useful when implementing visual testing on various projects.

Marie Drake

Don't mock static: test Timber Logger with trees — Learn how to create custom Timber Tree to test log outputs in unit tests. Mocking Timber, unit testing logs.

Jarosław Michalik

Trace-Based Testing with OpenTelemetry — Most of you reading this article are well aware of how powerful tracing is, but here’s the thing, you are not using tracing to its full potential. Let us explain why and also introduce you to Malabi, the new open-source tool for trace-based testing. Yuri Shkuro & Michael Haberman

The Top 5 Bottom Line Reasons for Continuous Testing — In this article, we step back to cover the bottom-line benefits of Continuous Testing from a business perspective: Drive continuous value with measurement and many more. Antoine Craske

The Ultimate Guide for Contract Testing with PACT and Go — The Story about eliminating integration issues from our environments. Marko Milojevic


💻 Jobs

Senior Quality Engineer (Remote - Austin, or U.S.)

The Quality Engineering Department is looking for a self-driven Sr. Quality Engineer to help support The Zebra’s expanding needs. Software Quality industry experience is required for this role along with experience with automation. Day to day could range from exploratory testing to automating UI and/or API acceptance tests.

The Zebra

Post your job with us.


🛠 Code, Tools and Resources

19 Websites to Practice Automation Testing (UI, API, Mobile) — This list contains test automation websites that provide some unique attributes that other websites don’t have. As a result, you can pretty much combine all of them together to have a complete profile of different types of automation skills.

Nikolay Advolodkin

Nightwatch v2.0-alpha is Released — We're delighted to announce that the next major version of Nightwatch is available in NPM as an alpha pre-release. It contains a wide range of new features and improvements for writing and running tests as well as full cross-browser testing support for W3C WebDriver compliant browsers.

Andrei Rusu

Rumpel — Simple, opinionated and automated consumer-driven contract testing for your JSON API's.

Tristan Dunn

Shoulda Matchers — Provides RSpec- and Minitest-compatible one-liners to test common Rails functionality that, if written by hand, would be much longer, more complex, and error-prone.

thoughtbot, inc.

testing-react — Testing utilities that allow you to reuse your Storybook stories in your React unit tests.


Klara — Automatic test case generation for python and static analysis library.

Ho Guo Xian


🐛 Bug

How An npm Package with 3M Weekly Downloads Had a Severe Vulnerability — Security researcher Ax Sharma has put together a good story about a significant vulnerability in pac-resolver.

Ars Technica


🎬 Video

Structure and interpretation of test cases — This talk takes a deep dive into unit testing, looking at examples and counterexamples across a range of languages and frameworks, from naming to nesting, exploring the benefits of data-driven testing, the trade-offs between different styles of testing, how to get the most out of the common given–when–then refrain and knowing how far to follow it.

Kevlin Henney


🎧 Podcast

AltUnity Tester — Get ready to learn how to plan and conduct your next performance test. In this episode, Nikolay Avramov, a software engineer at Automate the Planet, shares performance testing fundamentals. Discover what exactly performance testing is and how you can perform it as part of your test strategy. Also, learn how to set up and create your performance testing Infrastructure.

Joe Colantonio and Ru Cindrea


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