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Hello and welcome to another issue of Test Automation Weekly. Today we have news, articles, tools update, and more. Want something mentioned? Tweet us at @testingdigest. Happy reading!

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📚 Articles, Tutorials, and Opinions

Let’s Dive Into Cypress For End-to-End Testing — Is end-to-end testing a painful topic for you? In this article, Ramona Schwering explains how to handle end-to-end testing with Cypress and make it make it not so tedious and expensive for yourself, but fun instead.

Ramona Schwering

Building and testing native mobile apps with React Native and WebdriverIO — Part 3. We have reached the conclusion of the trilogy! To recap the adventure to date, in Part 1 we built an app for iOS and Android using React Native. In Part 2 we refactored our app to make it test automation friendly. With the groundwork set forth, we are ready to write an end-to-end automation test.

Nathan Krishnan

New Testing Features in Django 4.0 — It contains an abundance of new features, which you can check out in the release notes. In this post we’ll look at the changes to testing in a bit more depth. Adam Johnson

How to make a load testing plan — This article will help you make a plan of approach for load testing your web application.

Tim de Pater

OWASP TOP 10 vulnerabilities — The article has been recently updated to reflect the latest changes – the release of the OWASP TOP 10 2020 ranking.

Adam Gola

Best practices in test automation with Cypress — You can apply most of the best practices mentioned below regardless of the test framework being used, but some are specific to Cypress.

Walmyr Filho

Automated Testing Using Selenide & TestNG — This blog will help you to write GUI tests for any component/functionality. Basically, we’re using Selenide (uses Selenium Webdriver under the hood), TestNG using POM.

Onkar Singh

We Are Switching From TestCafe to CodeceptJS — Paweł tells "We have been using and promoting TestCafe at platformOS for the past couple of years with great success. Because a lot of people will write tests and maintain them over a long time, an End-to-End framework has to come with some specific requirements."

Paweł Kowalski

Reassessing TestNG vs. Junit — In the post, I mentioned several features that JUnit lacked: No parameterization, No grouping, No test method ordering.Since JUnit 5 has been out for some time already, let’s check if it fixed those issues.

Nicolas Fränkel

The secrets of effectively snapshot testing on Android — When one gets started with snapshot testing, there are not enough resources to learn from. It's no surprise to end up with snapshot tests causing a lot of headaches rather than helping improve the quality of our app. One should not snapshot test without criteria, one must have a strategy. Sergio Sastre Florez

Blockchain 101: A Quick Primer for Absolute Beginners — Here are notes on the concepts – from an absolute complete beginner’s perspective by Angie Jones. Angie Jones

Using Newman to Run Postman Collections — This is a brief introduction to how you can use the Newman library to make API testing automation a part of the continuous integration process. Soumyajit Basu

Cypress in a nutshell — In this tutorial, we will get some information about End-to-end testing, Cypress Test Automation Framework, and even we will use it in the example.


Why do I write tests? — In this post, I’ll leave the results of that conversation aside and focus on what it inspired me to think about. On the question “Why do I write tests for code?”

Alexander Sulim


💻 Jobs

Software QA Engineer (Fremont, California)

We are looking for a Software Test Engineer with a passion for quality who will be responsible for helping develop frameworks and tooling to increase the effectiveness of our internal test systems. You will build test automation with the goal of providing maximum coverage in the most efficient manner. In addition, you will be responsible for ensuring that the test infrastructure is easily maintainable and can scale to the demands of a rapid continuous integration continuous deployment environment


Post your job with us.


🛠 Code, Tools and Resources

Git Command Explorer — A lil’ tool that helps you find the right commands you need without digging through the web.


Miniflare — Is a simulator for developing and testing Cloudflare Workers.


Mockend — The super cool mock API generator.


RSpec Tracer — Is a specs dependency analyzer, flaky tests detector, tests accelerator, and coverage reporter tool.

Abhimanyu Singh

go-test-trace — Is like go test but it also generates distributed traces.

Jaana Dogan


🗓 Events

TestFlix-2021 — The Global Annual Software Testing Binge. A 2-day virtual event that will be in the form of short, impactful pre-recorded talks from 100+ speakers across the world. As an outcome, participants can expect 400+ takeaways, networking with thousands of testers from across the world, and other interesting activities The Test Tribe | Free | 23rd & 24th October 2021


🎬 Videos

Postman Space Camp | Continuous Quality with Postman — 'Continuous quality' is a holistic mindset for API testing, and in this session, we’ll discuss continuous quality principles as we walk through some advanced testing workflows and recommended practices for testing in Postman. YouTube

Dynamic Tests From Fixture File — This video shows how you can import a JSON fixture file into the Cypress spec and create a separate test for each data item. This allows you to clearly separate the data from the test logic while creating multiple tests. YouTube


🎧 Podcast

Let’s Talk About Failure Game — Want to know how to choose an automation tool? In this episode, Paul Grizzaffi will share how ignoring your company's automation ecosystem get you into trouble. Discover all aspects of the automation ecosystem (goals/strategy, audience, environment) in depth. Joe Colantonio and Paul Grizzaffi


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