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Welcome to this week's new issue of Test Automation Weekly. A lot happened this week, so here's your chance to get caught up. Read on for the week's most popular articles, news, tweets, and tools. Want something mentioned? Tweet us at @testingdigest. Happy reading!

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📚 Articles, Tutorials, and Opinions

Local Testing A Serverless API — Have you ever struggled with testing cloud services locally? Specifically, have you ever struggled with locally testing an API that uses API Gateway and Lambda, with the Serverless framework, on AWS? In this article, Tom Hudson shares a quick overview of how easy it is to quickly set up your project to test locally before deploying to AWS.

Tom Hudson

A Canvas of Cypress Tests — Paul shares his thoughts on Cypress "I have found writing and running integration tests with Cypress to be lots of fun, and think there is definitely a place for them alongside more unit-focused tests in your programming language of choice."

Paul Fioravanti

Fundamentals of XCUITest — In this guide we will cover the fundamentals of creating UI tests with XCTest.

Nathan Krishnan

How to Write End-to-End Tests for Chrome, Safari & Firefox Using Playwright — This article is Part 1 in a series of articles aimed at getting you started with everything you need to write end-to-end (E2E) tests using Playwright. Marco Lüthy

Reliable Cypress Browser Testing at Benchling — This is the story of how Benchling implemented our own element selection interface on top of Cypress and systematically drove our flake rate down to essentially zero.

Collin Buchan

Quality Leadership: Risk Analysis as Quality Advocacy — This article will tell you how to talk about quality risks to uphold product quality and exercise quality leadership in your organization, using the language of business stakeholders for maximum efficacy.

Jess Ingrassellino

How to Perform Load Testing with k6 using Atlassian Bamboo Platform — In this guide, you will learn how to implement performance testing in your development workflow with Atlassian Bamboo and k6.


Command-line API testing tricks — This post will give some quick examples to make the most of your command line API development. Use these tips and tricks to ease your API headaches and bring some fun into your workflow.

Adam DuVander

Make GraphQL Calls From Cypress Tests — This article about how to make GraphQL calls from Cypress tests using the cy.request command

Gleb Bahmutov

SuperJob UI regression and acceptance testing automation — Anton Shkredov, QA Lead at SuperJob, an online recruitment platform, tells a story of how the team went from manual-only to full automation of UI testing. Dive in to learn how manual tests interrupted high-paced pipelines, how the automation process started, what tools the SuperJob QA team used, and what pitfalls they faced.

Anton Shkredov

Jetpack Compose with Robot Testing Pattern — The purpose of this article is not to explain how to write tests, because about that there is a very interesting article on the official guide, but to expose how integrate the Robot Testing Pattern with the Compose semantic testing.

Marco Cattaneo

PHP unit testing and more — In this article, I would like to show you how to test a PHP application. I will go over PHP unit testing as well as many other types of tests. There will be many PHP-specific tools and best practices for you to adapt. So, all of you PHP enjoyers out there, dig in! Bartosz Łuczak

How To Use TestNG Reporter Log In Selenium — TestNG provides us an inbuilt class called the Reporter Class. In this Selenium TestNG tutorial, we will find out how to use the TestNG Reporter Log. By the end of this blog, you would be able to store log super-useful information in the reports. Ria Dayal

UI Testing Playbook — This article combines those learnings into the pragmatic workflow described: Isolate components using Storybook. Write test cases where each state is reproduced using props and mock data and more. Varun Vachhar

Tips And Tricks For Automation Using Postman — Postman is one of the popular API testing tools in the market. In this article, I will share some tips and tricks for automation using Postman.

Dheeraj Gambhir


💻 Jobs

Senior Software Engineer (Sunnyvale, California, United States)

Come join the team responsible for delivering the Playwright family of products - Node.js library to automate Chromium, Firefox and WebKit with a single API- in Sunnyvale, CA.


Post your job with us.


🛠 Code, Tools and Resources

Ddosify — High-performance load testing tool, written in Golang.


Vegeta — Is a versatile HTTP load testing tool built out of a need to drill HTTP services with a constant request rate. It can be used both as a command line utility and a library.

Tomás Senart

Compile Testing — A library for testing javac compilation with or without annotation processors.


Awesome Penetration Testing — A collection of awesome penetration testing resources, tools and other shiny things.

Nick Raienko


🗓 Events

TestFlix-2021 — The Global Annual Software Testing Binge. A 2-day virtual event that will be in the form of short, impactful pre-recorded talks from 100+ speakers across the world. As an outcome, participants can expect 400+ takeaways, networking with thousands of testers from across the world, and other interesting activities The Test Tribe | Free | 23rd & 24th October 2021


🎬 Videos

What's new in Playwright v1.15 — In this short video Playwright's developers explain what has been added in the tool in the latest release. YouTube

Playwright: Four Futuristic Features — In this video, Andrey Lushnikov, Principal Software Engineer on the Microsoft Playwright team, covers 4 features that are unique to Playwright! YouTube


🎧 Podcast

Debugging Python Test Failures with pytest — An overview of the pytest flags that help with debugging. From Chapter 13, Debugging Test Failures, of Python Testing with pytest, 2nd edition. pytest includes quite a few command-line flags that are useful for debugging. We talk about thes flags in this episode. Brian


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