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Hi there. This week Google released experimental Chrome's feature Record, which you can use to accomplish common user flow, a detailed guide to load testing, 8 automated testing best practices and more. Want something mentioned? Tweet us at @testingdigest. Happy reading!

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📚 Articles, Tutorials, and Opinions

Record, replay and measure user flows — In the next sections, we will walk you through how to record, replay and audit the following checkout flow with the Recorder panel.

Jecelyn Yeen

A Guide to Load Testing Node.js APIs with Artillery — This article will get you started with load testing your Node.js APIs using Artillery. You’ll be able to detect and fix critical performance issues before you deploy code to production.

Ayooluwa Isaiah

8 Automated Testing Best Practices for a Positive Testing Experience — Testing doesn’t have to be tedious. With these automated testing best practices and tips, software engineers can leverage automated tests to boost their productivity and make their work more enjoyable.

Lev Yastrebov

An introduction to contract testing - part 5 - adapting to changes — In this series of articles, you’ll be introduced to a (fictitious but realistic) use case for consumer-driven contract testing with Pact and Pactflow.

Bas Dijkstra

How to run the same test again and again to confirm it is flake-free — In this post, we are going to look at how to run tests multiple times to ensure that they are flake free. I have several times run into issues where we think a tests is working great only to find out if you run it a 2nd time that it fails or causes other tests to fail since Cypress without the Cypress grep plugin will only run each passing tests once.

Justin James

What Tests Should I Automate? — Instead of asking “What tests should I automate?” consider asking some more pointed questions.

Michael Bolton

Introducing browser automation and end-to-end web testing with k6 — With xk6-browser, you can interact with the browser to test your web applications end-to-end while accessing all of the k6 core features, including protocol-level APIs and other k6 extensions. It's a single tool for both protocol and browser-level testing.

Robin Gustafsson

How to Test a Mobile Web App in Cypress — Cypress is sometimes known as a tool for testing anything that runs in a browser. So in order to use Cypress for your mobile testing, your app needs to be able to run in a browser. Filip Hric

End-to-End testing a MonoRepo — Using a monorepo with Lerna for our entire project has been an absolute lifesaver, especially for local dev, but getting CI to a place we're happy with has been a months long effort. Forrest Allison

Reusable Authentication Across Playwright Tests — Most web apps require user authentication which requires the user to login at the start of an e2e test.

Alister Scott

Multi-Theme Screenshot Tests in Jetpack Compose — Fábio Carballo writes about a recent challenge to add support to screenshot testing while making it easy to scale for several different themes.

Fábio Carballo

Test your sitemap using Cypress — How to load and parse sitemap XML resource and then confirm each page loads using the test runner.

Gleb Bahmutov

Developer Tools secrets that shouldn’t be secrets — This article includes ton of tips using DevTools in Browsers.

Christian Heilmann


💻 Jobs

Quality Assurance Automation Engineer (US Remote)

As a Quality Assurance Automation Engineer on this team, you will be responsible for assessing and advocating high quality across an increasing amount of customized user experiences while maximizing the engineering velocity of deployed changes. Along with UX, Product, and software developers, you are a subject matter expert on everything we test and build.


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🛠 Code, Tools and Resources

Hasty — A JavaScript Snippet Perfomance Comparison Tool.

Mads Cordes

What's new in PageSpeed Insights — This post introduces the new features in PSI which will be released later this year.

Leena Sohoni, Addy Osmani and Elizabeth Sweeny

minitest-spec-rails — Gem makes it easy to use the MiniTest::Spec DSL within your existing Rails.

Ken Collins

CompressioWeb — It compresses JPG, PNG, GIF & SVG images in both Lossy and Lossless formats.

Choudhary Abdullah


🎬 Videos

First Look at Testcontainers Cloud and Quarkus — In this video, we invited John Clingan from Red Hat to chat about Testcontainers Cloud and how Quarkus users will benefit from using it, either while developing with Quarkus Dev Services that is powered by Testcontainers or integration testing. YouTube

An introduction to effective snapshot testing — UI tests are a powerful tool to detect regression bugs. However, they are tedious to write and run very slow. But they are not the only tool we got to test the UI. droidcon


🎧 Podcast

Fitnesse & Visual Regression Tracker — Discover what Fitness is, how Surat uses it, and learn about visual regression tracker, test reporting, and much more. Joe Colantonio and Surat Das


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