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Hey there. We're back and ready for another fantastic year for Test Automation world. There are a ton of great articles, tutorials, guides, tools, videos, podcasts, tweets, and memes. So, let's get going. Want something mentioned? Tweet us at @testingdigest. Happy reading!

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📚 Articles, Tutorials, and Opinions

Introducing the Ionic End-to-End Testing Reference Example — Let’s dig into the reference example to see Ionic’s opinion on how developers should build Web Native end-to-end tests.

Max Lynch

How the new k6 Cloud app plugin makes it easy to correlate QA data — One of the common challenges when doing performance testing is the difficulty of correlating the metrics of your application with your testing results. Simon Legander

Don’t Automate Test Cases — How directly automating test cases leads to unwieldy and bloated automation suites that provide little or no value.

Blake Norrish

Favor real dependencies for unit testing — Which dependencies should be present in your code base? This article suggests an answer to that question.

Mark Seeman

The 100% test coverage topic — There are many reasons why 100% coverage reports are good. Far more than I can cover here. In this post, I focus on some of the basics.


Mocking OIDC Auth while integration testing ASP.Net — This post provides a working example that meets all of those criteria, by intercepting OIDC authentication and allowing individual tests to specify the "authenticated" user they are operating as.

Eli Weinstock-Herman

Ways I Use Testing as a Data Scientist — In that spirit, I thought I would write a blog post on the many ways I use testing in my work, in hopes that other data scientists will find it helpful when they’re trying to figure out what to test and how to test in the code they write.

Peter Baumgartner

Running XCTests from the Command Line — In this guide, we will walkthrough how to use the supplementary 'xcodebuild' command line tool so you can run your automation tests from the terminal with ease.

Nathan Krishnan

A/B Testing With Google Optimize & ReactJS — A/B testing provides a splendid way to determine which changes should result in the maximum impact on your product. No longer do web/app owners have to do 'guesswork' – all decisions can be made with real-time data as a backup.


Fully-local development and testing for Workers — Miniflare is now included in wrangler 2.0. Try it out. Brendan Coll

Full Link Online Stress Testing for Production Database — As the Internet industry is growing rapidly, businesses that operate with large amounts of data are seeing a rapid expansion.

Apache ShardingSphere

Finding a Middle Ground Between Screen and UI Testing in Flutter — We outline the struggles we had testing our flutter app, our approaches to those challenges, and the solutions we arrived at to solve those problems.

Caleb Donoho

Effective DOM selector patterns. Interact like a user — Using poor selectors is akin to building your house upon sand. You can build a mansion of a test suite using poor selectors, but the test suite will crumble violently and require constant maintenance.

Carter Capocaccia

Use a fake server (not only) for testing your UI — Along with the refactoring, we wanted to add some integration tests for the form itself to give us confidence that it's working properly at the moment and we'll be notified if some regressions slip between the lines of code in the future.

Robert Banaszak

Six testing insights to optimize your 2022 QA strategy — Modern QA strategies go beyond bug hunting best practices and have become in-depth philosophical, methodological cultures precisely crafted to an individual business’s goals.

Kassidy Kelley

Create resilient Playwright tests with locators — Modern web apps introduce some testing challenges — dynamic controls can cause flakiness and unexpected behaviors. This is where the magic of the Playwright locator API can help us build more resilient tests.

Marcus Felling

Conversion Rate A B Testing — Many internet companies use A/B testing to evaluate the performance of website changes they want to make.

Alexander Volkmann

QA and CI/CD with Vercel and GitHub Actions — I want to expose how I set up my QA and CI/CD process for this site. I approached this piece of my website knowing that this is a simple site.

Carter Capocaccia

Automatic screenshot testing for all your Compose @Previews — Screenshot testing is a great tool which sits between unit tests and Espresso tests. You can test the UI and catch many more real-world regressions compared to unit tests, but without the negatives of Espresso tests: high maintenance and flakiness.

David Vávra


💻 Jobs

Software Developer in Test (Santa Monica, CA or Remote)

In this role, you’ll help increase test coverage at the UI and API levels within existing test frameworks and build a master set of tests we can clone to other businesses. You’ll be tasked with learning how our applications work now through exploratory testing, identifying additional features to automate based on risk and priority, communicating those ideas to other stakeholders and then coding the tests. You’ll help code review the work of others, get tests into a CI pipeline and keep an eye out for improving our whole process.


Post your job with us.


🛠 Code, Tools and Resources

Ginkgo 2.0 — A Modern Testing Framework for Go.

Onsi Fakhouri

nut.js — Native UI testing / controlling with node.


go-vcr — Record and replay your HTTP interactions for fast, deterministic and accurate tests.

Marin Atanasov Nikolov

fuite — A tool for finding memory leaks in web apps.

Nolan Lawson

Kent — Fake Sentry server for local development, debugging, and integration testing.

Will Kahn-Greene


🎬 Videos

Testing and Refactoring Legacy Code — In this live coding session, Sandro will present many techniques that will help you to efficiently retrofit tests to legacy code and then refactor it to show the business logic more clearly. YouTube


🎧 Podcast

Automation Testing Trends for 2022 — In this episode, I’ll share my insights about upcoming test automation trends gleaned from my popular Test Guild podcasts interviews, as well as my yearly Automation Guild survey. Discover the skills, best practices, and frameworks you need to know to stay employable in the ever-changing dev/test world in 2022. Joe Colantonio


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