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Hello and welcome to another issue of Test Automation Weekly. Today we have news, articles, tools update, and more. Want something mentioned? Tweet us at @testingdigest. Happy reading! If you'd like to support Test Automation Weekly please share this issue with friends and colleagues. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on all news


📚 Articles, Tutorials, and Opinions

Introducing Test-Last Development (TLD) — Tests are great, but let's not get carried away. The over-enthusiastic proponents of Test-Driven Development (TDD) would have you believe that we should write our tests first, before the code they test.

John Arundel

Using serverless to load test Amazon API Gateway with authorization — This post demonstrates using AWS Step Functions for orchestration, AWS Lambda to simulate the load, and Amazon Cognito for authentication and authorization. There is no need to use any third-party software or containers to implement this solution. Ashish Mehra, Sr. Solutions Architect, and Ramesh Chidirala, Solutions Architect

We need to talk about testing — Or how programmers and testers can work together for a happy and fulfilling life. Daniel Terhorst-North

Playwright makes end-to-end browser testing fun — Playwright is a library, developed by Microsoft, for writing end-to-end tests for interactive web applications. It serves a similar purpose as Puppeteer yet I found it much more enjoyable to use, especially in ways in which I struggled with Puppeteer.


Code Generating Swift Mocks with Sourcery — In this article, let’s learn how we can optimize this process by using a code generation tool Sourcery to create mock objects in Swift. We’ll come up with a production-ready setup that you can use in your projects right away.

Vadim Bulavin

How I Wish I Had Some Unit Tests! An Example — In this article, let’s learn how we can optimize this process by using a code generation tool Sourcery to create mock objects in Swift. We’ll come up with a production-ready setup that you can use in your projects right away.

J. B. Rainsberger

What are the best practices for Selenium Testing? — Selenium has proved to be an effective automation testing tool that has benefitted organizations immensely in their software development projects, by way of increased efficiency and improved quality of the product. To optimize the potential of selenium for effective testing results, there are certain practices involved.

Serena Gray

Guidelines for writing better tests — In theory, tests are just software. So if you are already a skillful software engineer, you can apply the same principles you use to write good software to tests, right? Well, not quite.

Bevan Steele

10 Useful Debugging Techniques Every Developer Should Know — Read on to discover my 10 techniques for debugging your code to use in any order you like.

Josef Cruz

JUnit Coroutines Runner — This is an example of how to spend few hours to optimize some task that requires you 2 seconds to complete each time. Even on a scale of hundreds of usages such optimization most likely won’t pay your time back. But it is always fun to do some weird things even if you understand that they are stupid.

Vasya Drobushkov

How to Prevent QA Bottlenecks — Quality Assurance (QA) testing is an important part of the software development process. It helps to create software quality standards and an overall better product. However, because QA is at the end of the development process, it often becomes a bottleneck to continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) and agile development teams.

Marisa Campbell

Faster Spring Boot Testing with Test Slices — Spring Boot is known to reduce boilerplate code and make development extremely efficient. In this tutorial, you’ll learn about Spring Boot testing capabilities to optimize integration tests. Ruslan Zaharov

Testing the diff — Good unit tests laser focus on the smallest possible scope and are crafted to isolate the functionality from as much external interference as possible. The way to do this is to write tests that self ensure they are testing what we expect them to be testing.

Filipe Ximenes

This Is How To Implement Maintainable Automated Tests — An important feature is late. The development team finally commits the last changes. We run the campaign, but it is full of orange and red indicators. We don’t have time to update the tests, so the campaign is bypassed to be updated “later”. In reality, it starts to be forgotten that precise day. Antoine Craske


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QA Manager

TeamSnap is seeking a people-centric QA Manager who will provide strategic and people leadership to our quality teams and investments.


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🛠 Code, Tools and Resources

Lens — An IDE designed for those who work with Kubernetes on a daily basis.


Raider — Raider is a framework designed to test authentication for web applications. While web proxies like ZAProxy and Burpsuite allow authenticated tests, they don’t provide features to test the authentication process itself, i.e. manipulating the relevant input fields to identify broken authentication.


Test and Deploy your APIs Using These Open Source Tools — Testing an API is one of the most important phases of the API development lifecycle. It ensures that the API you’re deploying on the server is bug-free and highly optimized. But the testing phase can be very complex as it involves different types of testing, such as load testing, regression testing, security testing, etc.

Srivastava Vyom

Easier browser debugging with Developer Tools integration in Visual Studio Code — If you’re debugging JavaScript in Visual Studio Code you probably have used either the Chrome Debugger or the Microsoft Edge Debugger extension. Neither is necessary any longer to debug as JavaScript debugging is now built-in to Visual Studio Code. This does not only mean that you can uninstall these extensions, but we also made debugging more convenient.


Noisia — Harmful workload generator for PostgreSQL.

Lesovsky Alexey

Inspecting Sizes — Browser developer tools could step in to fill the gap here, and in some ways they already are. Currently, inspecting a color value in Firefox or Chrome allows you to toggle between RGB, HSL, and hex values by holding down the shift key on click. CSS in real life


🐛 Bug

A Bashful Button Worth $8 Million — Ah, the old 100vh bug strikes again. This is a solid real-world example (on the Olive Garden site) of how such an error could prove costly.


🎧 Podcasts

Analyzing Automation Results with Nikita Sidorevich — In this episode, Nikita Sidorevich a product manager at Zebrunner shares why automated test reporting is critical to the success of your project. Joe Colantonio & Nikita Sidorevich


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