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Hello and welcome to another issue of Test Automation Weekly. Today we have news, articles, tools update, and more. Want something mentioned? Tweet us at @testingdigest. Happy reading!

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📚 Articles, Tutorials, and Opinions

Test Automation Strategy — Test Automation is increasingly being introduced to companies to solve issues and reduce the time to market for products. However, for test automation efforts to not be ad hoc and to get the return on investment that test automation brings, the team should work together to create a Test Automation Strategy.

Julia Pottinger

Web Performance Testing With Cypress and Google Lighthouse — In this blog, author will deep dive into how you can leverage the potential of Cypress and Google Lighthouse for web performance testing.

Narayanan Palani

Benchmarking Redis with k6 — In this series of k6 extensions, let’s benchmark Redis now. According to, Redis is a type of in-memory data structure store that can be used as database, cache and message broker.

Wai Foong Ng

Miniretro: testing emulators at scale — One of the main issues about working in software is testing, and as you can probably imagine there’s no tests in most emulators. Partly due to bad practices and because it’s hard to write tests for them. That’s why I came up with miniretro. It is a libretro frontend designed for headless operation, so that it can be used for end-to-end/integration testing. The frontend runs a core and a rom with fake inputs and grabs the output. David Guillen Fandos

Snapshot Testing Tutorial for SwiftUI — In this tutorial, you’ll use snapshot testing to validate your UIs, ensuring that code changes haven’t affected the UI you built. You’ll be using a simple library app, Ray’s Library, for creating these tests. Vijay Subrahmanian

Let's write a compiler, part 4: Testing — Today, let's write some infrastructure to make our lives easier when it comes to testing that our compiler works correctly. We will write a Makefile and a testing apparatus for our PL/0 compiler.

Brian Robert Callahan

An Introduction to Testing LiveView in Elixir — In this article, you'll get a comprehensive overview of everything you need to know to test your LiveView applications in Elixir. In Part I, I'll introduce you to LiveView testing guidelines and you’ll write some flexible and elegant LiveView unit tests.

Sophie DeBenedetto

Interaction Testing sneak peek — Dominic says "I'm thrilled to share a preview of Storybook’s supercharged testing features. Stories capture key states of your components. Leading teams like Shopify, Adobe, and O'Reilly Media already import stories in their test files to expand UI test coverage. Now, that workflow is built right into Storybook."

Dominic Nguyen

An introduction to snapshot testing on Android — Snapshot tests are not as costly to write and maintain as standard UI tests, and much faster to run, allowing faster feedback for developers.

Sergio Sastre Florez

Running integration tests on Google Cloud Build using docker-compose — In this article I will show how to run integration, component, and end-to-end tests on Google Cloud Build using docker-compose.

Miłosz Smółka

Testing Authenticated Routes in AdonisJS — So it's time to add tests to your brand new AdonisJS project, but what to do? AdonisJS doesn't come with a test-runner out-of-the-box at the moment. Well, for the most part, it's fairly simple if you just follow these simple steps.

Warren Wong

Code Coverage For Chat App — In this blog post Gleb will show how to collect code coverage in each case. From the code coverage reports, we will see that using separate test runners to simulate two users is not necessary. The application code is already exercised when using a separate socket connection to simulate the second user. Gleb Bahmutov

How to Build Your Own Appium Plugin — This article is aimed at creating your own Appium Plugin and its use cases. Sai Krishna and Srinivasan Sekar

Next.js Testing Docs — Learn how to set up Next.js with three commonly used testing tools: Cypress, Jest, and React Testing Library.


How to write unit tests for SwiftUI apps — SwiftUI, with its declarative approach to UI development and its opaque types, doesn't lend itself to writing unit tests. Are UI and snapshot tests our only option? Should we generate multiple Previews for every behavior permutation of our views?

Gio Lodi

I Can Test - Debugging an Inconsistent Behavior — In this post, author is demonstrating how he approached my testing and debugged an inconsistent behavior that was reported in the Telegram space of The Test Chat. A contest that is about to start and is hosted by The Test Chat. Ravisuriya Eshwara


💻 Jobs

Senior SDET (Remote US)

As a Senior SDET on our team, you'll be part of a team at Updater that will be responsible for creating and implementing the next generation of quality software platforms for the engineering organization. Using our Cypress and Mocha based automation suites, we want to drive forward with our automation road map to position our developer experience to be faster and more efficient.


Post your job with us.


🛠 Code, Tools and Resources

DocTest — is an experimental tool for testing Swift example code in documentation. DocTest offers a way to annotate Swift code examples in documentation with expectations about its behavior, and test that behavior automatically — just like a unit test.

ssm-tester — infrastructure testing helper for AWS Resources that uses AWS SSM to remotely execute commands on EC2 machines.

Ankit Wal

pusher-fake — a fake Pusher server for development and testing.

Tristan Dunn

Serverless UI — a command-line utility for deploying serverless applications to AWS. Complete with custom domains, deploy previews, TypeScript support, and more.

Jake Partusch

Godog — is the official Cucumber BDD framework for Golang, it merges specification and test documentation into one cohesive whole, using Gherkin formatted scenarios in the format of Given, When, Then.


Bit — is an experimental modernized git CLI built on top of git that provides happy defaults and other niceties.

Chris Walz


🎬 Videos

Visual End to End Testing in C# — In this tutorial we will learn how to do automated visual end-to-end testing using Sauce Visual and C#.


Taking Screenshots with Playwright — This test automation recipe will show you how to take screenshots in a browser.


Autotests Runs Optimization with IDEA Plugin — Wrike shares their story — how they optimized their autotests runs with only one IDEA plugin. YouTube

Uploading Files with Playwright — This test automation recipe will show you how to test uploading files.



🎧 Podcasts

Performance Testing Infrastructure Building — Get ready to learn how to plan and conduct your next performance test. In this episode, Nikolay Avramov, a software engineer at Automate the Planet, shares performance testing fundamentals. Discover what exactly performance testing is and how you can perform it as part of your test strategy. Also, learn how to set up and create your performance testing Infrastructure.

Joe Colantonio and Nikolay Avramo

Load Testing Rails Apps with JMeter — Milap Neupane joins the Rogues to talk about how to know how robust your Rails apps are. Sometimes you forget to optimize database queries or network calls for performance during development, which impact the load that the application can support and when its performance begins to degrade. Milap breaks down how to determine where these moments occur and what to do to get better performance from your applications. John Epperson, Luke Stutters, Valentino Stoll and Milap Neupane


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